UTR Number

What is a UTR Number?

A UTR number (Unique Taxpayer Reference) is a ten digit number issued directly by HM Revenue & Customs, and it's used to identify individual Tax payers within their system. HMRC issue UTR Numbers to individuals, companies, partnerships, trusts and other types of organisations. When you register with HMRC, they will usually issue your UTR number automatically.

How To Get a UTR number?

A UTR number is usually issued automatically by HMRC in the following situations:

  • When you registered as self-employed sole trader
  • If you are working in construction and need to complete a CIS Tax Return
  • When you registered as a partnership
  • If you have formed a new limited company
  • You have made HMRC aware of a trust liable to Income Tax
  • You’re an individual, and have made HMRC aware of other untaxed receipts, such as rental receipts

For those working in the CIS industry, it is vital that you apply for a UTR number without delay to avoid your earnings being Taxed at the higher rate of 30%. Contact us today to apply for your UTR number.

What Do I Need a UTR Number For?

There are many reasons why you may need to use your Tax reference number. For example, you will need your UTR number for the Tax office to identity your unique account with HMRC.

Circumstances where you might need to provide your UTR number:

  • To create an online account with HMRC
  • To register for individual Taxes with the Tax office
  • If you are working within the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)
  • For financial institutions (banks / building societies) to co-operate with anti-money laundry regulations
  • Sometimes required when working for payroll agencies / organisations

Apply For Your UTR Number Today

By clicking on the above, QuickRebates will help you with your application. Furthermore we will collect a small amount of information and forward this across to HM Revenue & Customs. In addition we will deal with your process on the same day and will be in touch with any feedback. The current waiting time is around four to six weeks.

However it is possible that you already have a UTR number, if this is the case you should contact HMRC at your earliest convenience, it is possible that you could get this over the phone.

The Tax office tend to issue copies of tax reference numbers by second class post, so for that reasons if you need it to file your Self Assessment Tax return, then make sure you have the number as soon as possible. Failure to complete your Tax return on time can result in late filing penalties.

Where Can I Find My UTR Number?

Your UTR number can usually be found on a wide range of HMRC forms and notices:

  • Your annual Self Assessment Tax Return (SA100)
  • Any statements of account issued by HMRC
  • Self Assessment Tax Return reminder notices
  • Notice to complete a Self Assessment Tax return (SA316)

A UTR number is also known as a Tax Reference number. They are both the same reference, a ten digit number e.g. “1234567890”.

Are you looking to start in the CIS industry?

Start your application without delay to avoid paying higher rate Tax charges.

Are you bogged down with the preparation of your Tax returns and calculations?
For that reason you should get in touch to see if we can help.

Can I Get My UTR Number Online?

If you have an online account with HMRC and you have already registered for Self-Assessment, then most likely you will find your UTR number in your control panel. On the other hand if you do not have an online account, the quickest and easiest way would be to contact HMRC by telephone and request a copy over the phone. Unfortunately, due to security, confidentiality and the Data Protection Act, they cannot supply your UTR over the phone under any circumstances.

Furthermore If you have already been issued a UTR number, it might be advisable for you to look through your old records as your UTR reference will be within most correspondence issued by HM Revenue & Customs. You might have even used the reference number in past emails, in which case it’s worth while performing a quick search in your mailbox.

UTR Numbers for Construction Workers

Some individuals that work in the CIS industry in the UK might have Tax deducted from their self employed earnings. These deductions are CIS Tax deductions and in most circumstances those amounts are allocated to a UTR number. HMRC claim the majority of the deductions back after the year end has passed. Check out the CIS Tax Return Calculator to see how much you could be due.

The UTR number for construction workers is no different to a normal UTR number. It is simply the Tax reference number for that individual, very much like how most Taxpayers in the UK have their own National Insurance number (NINO). If you are a sub-contractor working in the construction industry, then you will be needing your UTR number when you apply for a payment as HMRC will test the UTR Number to confirm what rate of tax is took off your payments.

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