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Working in construction as a subcontractor - you're probably due a Tax rebate. Act NOW before it is too late to claim. With the average four year claim being £2,500. you have nothing to lose but possibly thousands to gain. Act now and calculate your potential repayment

Tax Refunds

Have you been involved in the CIS industry? Have you started (or looking to start) your own business but also paid Tax in the previous years? Have you been required to wear certain uniform at work and clean it yourself? If the answer is yes then you are most likely to qualify for a Tax repayment. Deadlines apply so don't delay.

Tax Returns

Are you required to file an Income Tax return with HM Revenue & Customs. Our prices start from just £75 for the preparation and submission of your Tax return. Have peace of mind that your return will be processed efficiently and speedily by qualified professionals with regular updates throughout the whole process.

Tax Advice

Do you have a general Income Tax query, or even an accounting question? Get in touch with our team of qualified accountants and Tax advisors who will be able to help your query further, even if it's not rebate or refund related, we'd be more than happy to assist. Most questions will be answered within 24 hours. Contact us today.

Tax Calculator

Try out our Income Tax calculator for an estimate of how much of a Tax rebate you could be entitled to. It covers all types of income and trades, from construction to office work. The Tax refund calculator takes into account your income, the Tax you have paid in previous years and your individual circumstances. See how much you could be due.

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Tax Advice

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Tax Calculator

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QuickRebates are a firm of accountants 100% dedicated to helping you get the money you deserve back from HM Revenue & Customs. An estimated £200m each year goes unclaimed just from travelling expenses, with the average claim being £2,500. Our services include repayment management for various trades including construction, armed forces, security labourers, office workers and offshore contractors.


Our team of qualified accountants will deal with your case in the professional manner it deserves.

Speedy Service

We understand that dealing with HM Revenue & Customs can be a timely matter, which is why we work around the clock overseeing the status of your claim.

Maximising Value

Have peace of mind knowing that your Tax claim is in expert hands who will maximise your claim to the maximum permitted levels, claiming all allowances possible.

Regular Updates

When your Tax claim is managed by Quick Rebates, you will receive timely updates through the whole process.


Quick Rebates will manage your whole CIS Tax return from start to finish ensuring that you are claiming everything you are entitled to.

UTR Applications

Do you need a UTR Number. Apply today to get a quick Unique Taxpayer Reference number

Offshore Labourers
Working offshore under PAYE? HMRC allows deductions for travelling to temporary workplaces. With the average four year refund amounting to £2,500 this should not be overlooked.
Security Labourers
Have you been involved in the security trade in the last four years working at temporary workplace locations? It is highly likely that you could be due a Tax repayment. Find out more today.
Our average claim for individuals that have never made a claim before is an average of £2,500. It only takes a few minutes to assess your circumstances. Deadlines apply so don’t delay

Tax Claims Made Easy

Here at Quick Rebates, we are experts in the process of managing Tax repayments with decades of experience at our disposal. A lot of individuals can feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to their Taxes, but communicating and liaising with HMRC is what we do on a daily basis. We will endeavour to make your repayment claim as easy possible and the process starts with us taking some brief information concerning your circumstances. Once we have all of the information we require, we shall then organise the appropriate paperwork to be prepared, approved by yourself, then issued directly to HMRC. Throughout the whole process we also keep you updated with exactly where your claim currently stands.

It has been estimated that nearly £200 million is unclaimed by Tax payers in the UK each year just from travelling expenses not been accounted for. Furthermore, there are individuals who work in the construction industry who are short changed, as well as uniformed workers that overpay their Tax.

As HMRC set deadlines for making claims, it is best to act quickly.

Claim Your Tax Back

Have peace of mind that your claim is being managed by Tax experts and consultants. We cover a wide range of industries, not limited to:

  • Construction – both CIS and PAYE
  • Security workers
  • New business start ups
  • Offshore workers
  • Uniformed workers

For most people, once we have all of the information to make your claim, typical payouts can be in the region of £2,500. The average time for a repayment to be issued can be as short as two weeks, but this depends on the complexity of the claim.

QuickRebates work on a no win, no fee basic. If we are not successful in reclaiming money back for you, there will be no charge.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and find out how much you could be entitled to.

Other Services

Quick Rebates don't just offer advice on Tax repayments. Check out our other services offered.


General accounting services, from book-keeping to management accounts, we have it covered.

Business Plans

Strategic development and forecasting are paramount to the long term health of your business.


From management accounts to preparing full financial statements, we are here to assist with your accounting requirements.


From filing VAT registrations to preparing and submitting quarterly VAT returns, have faith your forms are being filed correctly and claiming all reliefs.

Case Studies

Look through our recent case studies as they might be similar to your circumstances.

Our Clients Say

Read what our clients have to say about our services

Chris LeeBricklayerDurham
Three weeks it took for Quick Rebates to organise my Tax rebate.
Amy JacksonSite WorkerNottingham
QuickRebates were able to claim £3,109 Tax back on my behalf, it was money I wasn't expecting!
Craig BennettForklift OperatorSheffied
QuickRebates made a claim for my cost in cleaning my clothes, and my cheque landed just three weeks later!
John PrestwickSecurityGlasgow
The process was so easy, I didn't have to deal with HMRC at all. QuickRebates managed everything.

We're Ready to Start Your Claim

HMRC set deadlines for claiming Tax back. Act now before it’s too late.

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2018-19 Tax & National Insurance Rates

All of the necessary UK Income Tax and National Insurance rates and allowances for the Income Tax year 2018/19 – fiscal year ending 5th April 2019.

15 Reasons Why You Could Be Due A Tax Rebate

Tax refunds are great, everyone loves a Tax rebate from HM Revenue & Customs. In many situations overpayments of Tax occur without the Tax payer knowing, or even HMRC having any knowledge. Because of this, they never get paid but get swallowed up by the Tax office over time. You don’t even need to register […]

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