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Opening Hours Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Contact us for more info
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Prices for Tax Refund Claims

Whether you are in PAYE employment, working in the construction industry making a CIS repayment claim, or you are reclaiming overpaid Tax on uniform costs, we hope our fees below offer some clarity into our prices.

Tax Rebate Costs

  • Construction Industry (CIS Tax) Rebates – from £145
  • Tax refunds and return preparation for those self-employed – from £145
  • PAYE Tax refund claims – £50 or 25% of the refund (whichever is the greater)
  • Miscellaneous Tax Returns for other reasons – from £75

Other Services

QuickRebates also offer other services not related to Tax rebates or returns, such as:

  • PAYE & Employer assistance
  • VAT – Registration and return preparation
  • Accounts and preparation of financial statements
  • Forecasting and management accounts

As these services can widely range in terms of time and expertise required, it is best that you contact ourselves for a no obligation enquiry.

Do I Need to Communicate with HMRC Personally?

Absolutely not. On your behalf, QuickRebates will manage your entire claim from start to finish and you will never have to speak or communicate with HMRC directly.

For a lot of people, dealing with HMRC can be quite unnerving, but we will take this pressure off your hands.

Have peace of mind that your Tax rebate is being managed professionally and effectively, and in the hands of Tax experts.

In order for QuickRebates to discuss your personal affairs with HMRC, an agent authorisation form should be signed by yourself and returned to us. This will allow us to manage all Tax affairs on your behalf. Without this document, we will not be able to undertake any Tax work for yourself.

Our Tax Rebate Services

When working through your Tax rebate claim, we are quite vigorous in seeking opportunities for your to claim Tax back.

As an example, if you had contacted ourselves to initially pursue a uniform Tax rebate, but during our investigations it materialises that you are due Tax credit for using your own vehicle for work related activities, we will make this clear to you and will carry out the necessary work for the additional claims.

During our investigations, we will also carry out an audit on your general Tax affairs to make sure your affairs are being managed as efficiently as possible. Including reviewing your PAYE code, marriage allowances and other personal allowances.

Tax can be quite extensive, and their are so many reliefs and claims allowable. Let QuickRebates oversee your Tax repayment claim and be comfortable that your Tax repayment claim is being maximised to its fullest potentially.

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2019-20 Tax & National Insurance Rates

All of the necessary UK Income Tax and National Insurance rates and allowances for the Income Tax year 2019/20 – fiscal year ending 5th April 2020.

2019 Tax Rebate

Do you believe that you are due a Tax Rebate? Would you like to see if you qualify for a Refund with an estimated amount? You can use our Tax Rebate Calculator and find out how much you are owed if so… Our Calculator is extremely dynamic and gives an extremely good estimate of what […]

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