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Security Tax Rebates

People working in the security industry have plenty of opportunities to claim back Tax from HMRC. From cleaning their own uniform to travelling to temporary workplaces to renewing their SIA licence, all of these costs can be deducted against Taxable income.

How Long Does it Take for My Tax to be Repaid?

This all really depends on how fast you can prepare all of the information needed. When we calculate your Tax rebate, we will ensure that your claim includes every possible allowance and every possible expense. This means that we can get you the largest possible repayment.

Once we have all of the information needed to compute your security Tax refund and have submitted the claim on your behalf to HMRC, repayments can take anywhere from ten days to a few weeks. This generally depends on how busy HMRC are. January and April are usually busy months for the Tax office, but other months not so.

When contacting QuickRebates, be prepared to have as much information to hand as possible. This would include payslips, details of where you have been working, copies of receipts, and notes of your SIA licence. Plus details of any other expenses you feel may be relevant to your security work.

What Types of Security Workers Can Make a Claim?

Generally, it’s not the type of work that you do, but it’s the type of expense that qualifies you for a Tax rebate. There are so many security workers in positions where they could be due a Tax refund. Some of the security industries that we have commonly dealt with include:

  • In-house – contracted to oversee a shopping centre, or theme park for example
  • Security supervisor – employed to manage and control general security functions
  • Private patrol officers – those contracted to patrol clients’ premises
  • Door supervisors – i.e. “bouncers”

It is the type of expense that generates a repayment, and not the type of security work you are involved in. For example, no matter what security industry you are employed within, all forms of travelling to temporary workplaces are allowed. Likewise, there is no distinction made for claiming relief on cleaning uniforms for one security trade against another.

Even if you’re not employed in the security industry but feel you have qualifying expenses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation enquiry.

How Do I Start My Security Worker Claim

First of all, you should pull together as much information as possible concerning your security employments. Keep in mind you can claim expenses for up to four Tax years, even whether you are still working there, have been redundant, or changed jobs. We claim the Tax back from HMRC and not the employer, and doesn’t affect your employment contract in any way or form.

Typical information we would need to process your security Tax rebate would include:

  • Copies of payslips
  • Details of sites you have been located at
  • Notes of equipment you specifically have purchased for work reasons
  • Contract of employment
  • Other information you feel could be relevant to your claim

The most important thing to remember is that the more information we have, the better the chances we can get you a bigger Tax repayment. No matter how little or irrelevant you think it might be, we could possibly make a claim for the expense.

Can I Claim for my SIA Licence Costs?

The costs associated with obtaining your SIA licence are fully deductible against your Taxable income. This means that up to 45% of the costs can be refunded directly to yourself.

Although your SIA licence is due for renewal every three years, current HMRC rules and regulations allow you to claim up to four Tax years worth of expenses.

With the current application for SIA being £220, it’s not the cheapest of licenses. Are you sure you are getting the right amount of Tax relief for your expenses?

Security workers commonly overpay Income Tax. Whether it’s for travelling costs, uniform cleaning costs, or SIA licences paid personally. All of these expenses add up to large Tax rebates.


Time limits apply so don’t delay

Am I Entitled to Claim for My Security Uniform Cleaning Expenses?

Working in the security industry commonly requires you to clean a branded uniform at your own expense. These expenses are an allowable expense against your income. This means that if you have not been given an allowance by HMRC then you will most likely be due a Tax rebate for your security uniform.

With Tax relief claims being allowed up to four years, Tax rebates can quickly become substantial. Including travelling costs such as mileage and hotels, as well as making claims for other items such as using your own equipment and tools, average claims made on behalf of our clients are in the region of £2,500.

What Travelling Costs Can I Claim For?

Working in security can often mean that you have to cover more than one workplace during the term of your employment. In these cases, your workplace is deemed as a temporary workplace, that allows you to claim your mileage costs in full. Including travelling from and to the temporary workplace.

For example, in your security contract, you maybe required to cover various clients’ premises. If your employer does not pay for your travelling costs then it would highly likely that you are due a Tax rebate.

The Tax relief does not come automatically from HMRC. They must be informed that you are due Tax relief and you have four Tax years to do so.

What If I Use My Own Security Equipment?

If you have paid for your own security equipment, or have been required to maintain your employers equipment at your own expense, then this could mean you are due Tax relief on those costs in the form of capital allowances.

Capital allowances are a form of Tax depreciation, but can be offset against income when calculating Income Tax due. If you have unclaimed capital allowances to offset against your security income, this would most likely give rise to a Tax relief claim.

As some pieces of security equipment can be quite costly, it could be worthwhile investigating this form of Tax relief further. It does not matter if you have sold or lost the security equipment.

Tax reliefs and expenses for security workers can be endless. Find out how much you could be owed and contact QuickRebates today.

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