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Lee Hepburn - Base Technician

Lee Hepburn from Manchester works as a Base Technician offshore at various sites around the UK. He is employed under PAYE, but his employer does not reimburse any of his travelling or other subsistence costs. Lee was always fine with this as his salary was more than enough to cover this.

It was only in the latter half of 2016 when his work colleague mentioned QuickRebates to Lee, and that he should make a claim for the costs he pays out of his own pocket.

Lee dropped QuickRebates a phone call, explained his working situation, the places he had been contracted as well as details of other expenses. He was required to collect various pieces of information, such as his employment contract and job diary. From there, QuickRebates were able to prepare the Tax claim on his behalf, and deal with all of the HMRC headaches. The total repayment Lee received amounted to £1,826.


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Case Details

Lee Hepburn
Aid Provided
Overpayment Tax Relief for travelling between temporary workplaces
Repayment Time
4 weeks
Tax Rebate

Important Facts

Working offshore leaves a lot of individuals paying expenditure out of their own pocket. Quite often individuals assume they cannot make a claim for these expenses, but HMRC have specific rules for these situations. The following facts are key:

Jackson was required to attend various clients properties for security assessment

  • He was not reimbursed travel expenses by his employer
  • Expenses included hotel and various travelling related costs
  • The expenses were wholly, necessary and exclusively for his employer’s business

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Do You Work Offshore?

Working offshore can bring in some fantastic salaries, but it can also mean substantial travelling and subsistence payments. Are you sure that you are not out of pocket when it comes to your Income Tax? HMRC set out specific rules and regulations specifically for people that work at temporary workplaces. These rules were set in place to protect the Tax payer and to make sure they pay the correct amount.

Working offshore can mean some expensive travelling costs, including flights and hotels. Are you sure you haven’t overpaid Tax?
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