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Leanne Rush - Nurse

Leanne is a nurse working in Newcastle across a number of workplaces. She was first introduced to QuickRebates by another colleague after they were discussing car running costs. Leanne wasn’t aware that HMRC offer Tax relief for individuals that use their own car for business purposes, as well as uniform cleaning costs. She just presumed that these expenses are just costs that come with the job.

Leanne contacted QuickRebates who got working straight away on her case. She had to collect her employment contract as well as details of her business travels. This took some time, but fortunately she had these in her works diary.

Once Leanne had pulled together the necessary information, QuickRebates then managed the whole Tax refund claim with HMRC on her behalf. Just a few weeks later Leanne received a sizeable Tax repayment of £2,934.

Case Details

Leanne Rush
Aid Provided
Overpayment Tax Relief for travelling between temporary workplace & claiming allowance for uniform cleaning costs
Repayment Time
3 weeks
Tax Rebate

Important Facts

Leanne wasn’t the first nurse to seek help from QuickRebates so we understood her situation quite well. Nevertheless, each claim requires to be analysed on a case by case basis and in this scenario the following facts were key:

  • Leanne was contractually required to attend four physical locations on a regular basis
  • She was not paid mileage allowance for those trips
  • Substantial mileage had been carried out
  • The claim included going back four Tax years

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Do You Use Your Own Vehicle for Business Travel?

The situation of an employee using their own vehicle for business purposes is extremely common. Furthermore a lot of these individuals do not have their mileage reimbursed by their employers, and HMRC acknowledge this as an allowable expense. These expenses can be deducted against your Taxable income when it comes to calculating your Tax. In most circumstances this gives rise to a Tax refund.

Many individuals are unaware that they can claim mileage costs for work related travel. Deadlines for making claims apply, so don’t delay
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