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Opening Hours Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Contact us for more info
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Geoff Freeman - Electrician

Geoff had been working as an electrician in the Construction Industry Scheme for a number of years and had always filled in his own Tax return. He felt fairly comfortable with record keeping so he assumed that filing his own Taxes online would relatively straight forward.

Following discussions with colleagues, Geoff felt that something wasn’t quite right with his Tax, and that his colleagues were receiving larger rebates than him. He contacted QuickRebates who carried out a full review of the last Tax returns Geoff had filed with HMRC. As it turned out, despite Geoff’s book-keeping skills being of high quality, he had missed out on lots of expenses that could be claimed on his Tax return. From depreciation on motor vehicles, to using his own home as an office, to mileage costs, it all mounted up.

QuickRebates then undertook the work to rectify the previous years Tax returns to include the items that Geoff didn’t know could be claimed.

This resulted in a staggering repayment of £5,101, but if Geoff had not contacted QuickRebates this would have been lost, and too late to claim back.

Case Details

Geoff Freeman
Aid Provided
Review of Tax returns filed in the previous four years
Repayment Time
4 weeks
Tax Rebate

Important Facts

Quite often we come across these types of situations where clients and even other accountants have incorrectly prepared and submitted the Tax returns. In this particular case the following facts are relevant

  • Geoff had made genuine errors in his Tax returns
  • There was an obvious overpayment in Income Tax
  • Four Tax returns were revised, from 2013-2016
  • Overpayment relief claimed

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Have You Overpaid Your Tax?

It is not uncommon for people to make mistakes on their Tax returns. Whether those errors were carried out by previous agents or even yourself, it’s not the end of the world. HMRC understands that individuals can accidentally over report their income and they have set regulations that allow Tax rebates to be claimed for such circumstances. This is known as Overpayment Relief.

Current Tax relief rules state that you can only go back four years to make a claim for overpaid Tax. Act now and make sure you get every penny that you’re entitled to.
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