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Ashlie Bennett - Cleaner

Ashlie first contacted QuickRebates after talking to her friend that had claimed previously. Ashlie is a full-time cleaner from Hertford who uses her own vehicle for travelling to and from clients’ houses and offices.

Her employer does not pay for any of her travelling expenses, but chose to add an additional £200 to her wages each month to cover such costs. The problem was that this £200 is Taxable.

Ashlie wasn’t able to do anything about the extra £200 paid on top of her monthly salary to cover the motoring costs, but QuickRebates were able to make a Tax relief claim for travelling costs from and to her employer’s clients various properties.

Given the amount of miles she drives each day from her home to the various temporary workplace locations through the day, this gave rise to a substantial Tax relief opportunity. In this case for the amount of £3,054 which included going back four years to 5th April 2013. Unfortunately it was too late for us to claim from October 2007 when she first started working for her employer, otherwise this would have been a significantly larger Tax rebate (in the region of £6,000 – £7,000).

Case Details

Ashlie Bennett
Aid Provided
Tax relief claim for temporary workplaces and uniform cleaning costs.
Repayment Time
3 weeks
Tax Rebate

Important Facts

There were a few various facts which helped Ashlie win an easy case:

  • She did not have a fixed permanent workplace
  • Her cleaning duties were sporadic and varied across a large area
  • Nearly 9,000 business miles were carried out each year (about 35 miles each day)
  • She was required to travel to the head office on a weekly basis for stocking up on various cleaning materials.
  • She was not reimbursed direct mileage costs by her employer, but effectively just had her wage increased to help her with the costs

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What are the First Steps Involved in Making a Claim?

If you feel that your circumstances are similar to Ashlie’s, please get in touch. Although this particular case study was not terribly complicated, there was a lot of work involved in calculating what mileage she had performed. There was also time involved reviewing her employment contracts and payslips to confirm she had not already been paid mileage costs with her salary. The only disappointing aspect of this case was that Ashlie did not act sooner. Had she contacted ourselves four years ago she would have saved an additional £3,000 – £4,000.

Current Tax relief rules state that you can only go back four years to make a claim for overpaid Tax. Act now and make sure you get every penny that you’re entitled to.
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