2019 Tax Rebate

Do you believe that you are due a Tax Rebate? Would
you like to see if you qualify for a Refund with an estimated amount? You can
use our Tax Rebate Calculator and find out how much you are owed if so…

Our Calculator is extremely dynamic and gives an
extremely good estimate of what your Tax Rebate entitlement could be. However,
as a professional and knowledgeable company we do investigate into all expenses
possible and guarantee to claim all that is possible back, which could bag you
more than what you initially expected.

You qualify in the use our Tax Rebate Calculator:

  • If you are self-employed (only valid to those with a UTR number)
  • If you are under PAYE employment
  • If you are a Construction Worker and need a CIS Tax Return
  • If you are seeking for a Uniform Tax Rebate
  • If you believe you have had a General Tax Overpayment

QuickRebates hold the average Tax Rebate for first
time claimants at £2,500. Our current Tax Rebate Calculator is under operation
for the Tax Year 2018/19. However, if you are seeking for a Tax Rebate from the
Tax Year 2014/15, please do not hesitate to get in touch as this lies under our
list of services (claims we put in can go back up to 4 years).

Each Tax Year commences on 6th April and finishes
on April 5th the following year. Therefore, any expenses or
overpayments within this year should be kept on a record (if possible, receipts
always come in handy for evidence). All details of earnings will contribute in
the estimation of your Tax Rebate.

Our Calculator is an online service that can be
found on our website, it takes about 2 minutes to fill in and the calculation
comes directly to us, as well as yourself. From this form, a member of our team
will begin to work with you to get you your Tax Rebate maximised to its highest
potential, and in your hands as soon as possible. As we get further into the
process, we will need more in-depth details of earnings and expenses that
qualify to be claimed.

We can ensure you that you will not experience any
hassle whilst dealing with us at QuickRebates. As soon as the Tax Refund
Calculator has been used, we begin working to claim all qualified back to
yourself without long phone calls and any inaccuracy. This excellent tool has
been tried and tested to give exact estimates for all entitlements. A form will
reach whoever puts the claim in following the application to update our company
with incomes and other expenses to speed the process up and allow us to act on
your behalf as your personal agent.

The Tax Rebate Calculator is a free tool that you can use.

You can also contact us on 0191 355 3553 to put a calculation
in via the phone. You can also drop us an email on: info(at)quickrebates.co.uk regarding
this tool. Either contact method can be used to schedule a meeting with one of
the members our team if you would prefer this.

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